No idea what I am doing

Ok, so I really have no clue about what I am going to write. I wanted to write about the weather, but what can you say? It’s cold. And that’s enough. Tomorrow I’m going to pay my big bro a surprise visit. I feel Evil. Muhahahaha 🙂 I’ve recently read The Oracle by Catherine Fisher. -loved the cover!- I’ve also read I am Number 4 and The power of 6, which I really loved. These books just became my favourite alien trilogy. And because my beautiful class mate, The COW borrowed me Pretty Little liars, I started reading it. I’ll finish it soon.  Aaaaand another friend of mine is going to bring me tomorrow the 9th book of The Vampire Diaries. Been a long time since I read tha last one, so I don’t remember the title of the new one, because I’m pretty sure the book’s back cover said something about this new volume. Any way, I still remember what happened. My sweet Damon. I knew you’ll be fine.No one can kill you

    me, happy for getting new books 🙂